Nuneaton community pub, The Hearty Goodfellow, has undergone a stunning transformation under new pub partner, Stacy Frisby, who took over the reins during lockdown.

Experienced publican, Stacy, has been in the pub industry for more than twenty years, and ran the nearby White Lion for five years. The Hearty Goodfellow, on Arbury Road in Stockingford, is owned by Hawthorn Leisure, which owns more than 700 community pubs in England, Scotland and Wales.

In taking over the Hearty Goodfellow, Stacy took on a challenge, with the pub in serious need of an overhaul. Stacy says, “The pub didn’t have a great reputation so I wanted to change the vibe, starting with the look and feel inside. The interior was very dark and quite dated, and once we started painting it a lighter colour, we couldn’t stop! It took a week, painting all day every day, but it was definitely worth it, because it looks fantastic now. I’d like to say a special thanks to Adam and Lee Page for all their hard work, and all my great staff who have joined this new venture with me.”

In addition to the bright and fresh paint job, the new and improved Hearty Goodfellow also boasts a brand-new cocktail bar and improved toilets, while a local artist has painted an eye-catching design on the fencing. With the support and encouragement of Hawthorn Leisure, Stacy has managed to turn the pub around, with post-lockdown sales far outperforming expectations. 

Stacy continues, “I saw the potential in the pub when I took it over. I knew the only way was up, and it’s been amazing to see my vision come to life! We created a cocktail bar out of an area which hadn’t been used for years, and having a different offering has attracted a younger crowd into the pub which has made it much more vibrant.”

It’s not just the younger clientele who appreciate Stacy’s work at The Hearty Goodfellow. Since reopening, the pub has proved popular with regulars during the week, as well as attracting families on weekends, who have taken advantage of the pub’s excellent beer garden. What’s more, two football teams have already decided to base themselves at the pub.

Hawthorn Leisure Director of Leased and Tenanted Operations, Andy Parker said: “This is a great turnaround story. The impact that Stacy has had in a few short months at The Hearty Goodfellow has been nothing short of incredible. We’re passionate about running pubs that are more than just a place to drink, but serve as a hub for communities to come together and enjoy a fantastic experience, and Stacy has really gone the extra mile to transform this pub.”

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