Condorrat community pub, The Weavers, has launched a series of community initiatives in order to serve and support locals during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, and following the Government’s advice for the public to stay at home.

Having immersed himself in the local community since taking on the pub in January 2020, pub partner Kieran White recognised the need for a centralised, locally-run and organised initiative to support the vulnerable residents of Condorrat during the ongoing pandemic, and into the future. In light of this, Kieran set up the Helping Hand scheme, a locally backed fund, which will be used to help the community wherever needed, from paying for snow to be cleared from vulnerable locals’ driveways, to food shops for families struggling during the pandemic. Run by Kieran and a committee comprised of members of the community, the initiative will be funded by donations and events, such as raffles and giveaways hosted at the pub and will officially be underway once the Weavers is reopened. In preparation for this, Kieran has already begun fundraising for Helping Hand, having raised a total of £1,000 to date through a number of generous donations from the local community and kicking off the initiative with his own donation.

The pub is owned by Hawthorn, the community pub company, which owns more than 700 pubs across Scotland, England and Wales.

In addition to the Helping Hand initiative, Kieran has also supported the community by launching a not-for-profit delivery service, which has seen himself and his wife deliver 1,000 meals to the vulnerable residents of Condorrat since March 2020. The children of Condorrat have also not been forgotten by the Weavers, with Kieran operating a Covid-safe trick or treat night at the pub on Halloween, where the children were gifted a goodie bag of sweets and other treats, all in a socially distanced way and in-line with Government guidelines.

Kieran said: “Coronavirus is affecting communities across the country and it’s more important than ever that we come together and do what we can to help one another. Pubs are at the beating heart of communities and we’re delighted to have continued doing our bit to support our locals during the lockdown. We’re grateful to Hawthorn for the crucial support they’ve provided throughout the pandemic, which has made it possible for us to offer meals to vulnerable members of the community and get ready to launch the Helping Hand initiative.”

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