The team at The Chestnut Horse, Great Finborough, are truly going above and beyond to support their local community, despite being closed during lockdown.

Social distancing and well-publicised stories of panic-buying and stockpiling mean that many people in the community, including the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions, are at risk of not being able to get hold of important supplies. Pub partner, Sharon Shipp, hopes that by transforming her community pub into a shop, locals will be able to safely obtain items.

The shop is open between 12 and 2 every day, and stocks a selection of fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, bakery items, meat, and other essentials. The pub also offers homemade scotch eggs and other pastries, made by Sharon, which have proved to be incredibly popular.

Parish councilor, Simon Tarabella, said: “Little did the village realise some 7 months ago when Sharon took over the running of the Chestnut Horse just how much of an asset to village life her and her family would become. Not only have they integrated into the village way of life but have proactively helped to make people’s lives better especially in this current uncertain time. As a local village resident and member of the Parish Council I can’t thank her and her family enough for all the help and hard work they put into this village. Hopefully the recognition of this will be a large increase in custom once this is all over and the Chestnut Horse gets back to normal. Sharon, we salute you.”

The pub, owned by Hawthorn, a community pub operator which owns more than 700 pubs across Scotland, England and Wales, is keen to ensure that everyone in their community feels supported, and has organised a delivery service for the vulnerable, and NHS workers. By offering these items at discounted prices, they hope to do their bit to support those in the community who are struggling.

Sharon said, “We were very aware that many locals were unable to easily get hold of everyday items, as we don’t have a village shop. We started this initiative, and everyone has been so incredibly supportive, we’re so lucky to have the community that we have!”

Hawthorn CEO, Mark Davies, said: “We are so pleased that our partners are working with the community to support those in need. Thank you to everyone in the Hawthorn team for your hard work, please continue to pull together to support the community.”

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